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Electrospinning in a controlled gaseous environment

Apparatus and method for producing fibrous materials in which the apparatus includes an extrusion element configured to electrospin a substance from which the fibers are to be composed by an electric field extraction of the substance from a tip of the extrusion element, a collector disposed from the extrusion element and configured to collect the fibers, a chamber enclosing the collector and the extrusion element, and a control mechanism configured to control a gaseous environment in which the fibers are to be electrospun. The apparatus and method provide a way to produce a fiber collection having a plurality of nanofibers disposed in relation to each other. The nanofibers in the fiber collection are preferentially oriented along a longitudinal axis of the fiber collection.


Andrady, AL., Ensor, D., & Newsome, RJ. (2014). IPC No. U.S. Electrospinning in a controlled gaseous environment. (Patent No. 8632721).