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Discovery of anticancer agents of diverse natural origin

Recent progress is described in an ongoing collaborative multidisciplinary research project directed towards the purification, structural characterization, chemical modification, and biological evaluation of new potential natural product anticancer agents obtained from a diverse group of organisms, comprising tropical plants, aquatic and terrestrial cyanobacteria, and filamentous fungi. Information is provided on how these organisms are collected and processed. The types of bioassays are indicated in which initial extracts, chromatographic fractions, and purified isolated compounds of these acquisitions are tested. Several promising biologically active lead compounds from each major organism class investigated are described, and these may be seen to be representative of a very wide chemical diversity.


Kinghorn, A. D., De Blanco, E. J. C., Lucas, D. M., Rakotondraibe, H. L., Orjala, J., Soejarto, D. D., ... Shen, Y. Y. (2016). Discovery of anticancer agents of diverse natural origin. Anticancer Research, 36(11), 5623-5637. https://doi.org/10.21873/anticanres.11146

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