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Direct fusion bonding of silicon to polycrystalline diamond


Wolter, S., Yushin, G., Okuzumi, F., Stoner, B., Prater, J., & Sitar, Z. (2002). Direct fusion bonding of silicon to polycrystalline diamond. Diamond and Related Materials, 11(3-6), 482-486.

High temperature fusion of silicon to diamond is reported. Polished, randomly oriented diamond films and unpolished (100) highly oriented diamond films were bonded to single-side polished (100) silicon in a dedicated ultrahigh vacuum bonding apparatus. Directbonding under an applied uniaxial stress of ?32 MPa was observed at temperatures above 950 °C. The bonded interface was examined by scanning acoustic microscopy revealing only partial bonding at fusion temperatures of 950 and 1050 °C. In contrast, complete bonding was evidenced at 1150 and 1200 °C, although cracking of the diamond films became more prominent at these higher fusion temperatures.