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Defining Environmental Justice The Indian Context

India is a powerhouse nation that is rapidly growing and developing. The country is one of the foremost leaders in Asia, and has emerged as a world power. In terms of the environment, India
is one of the first countries in the world to have established a “green”court specifically for
addressing legal cases related to the environment, and was a leading voice in the Rio+20 United
Nations Conference on Sustainable Development in 2012.India is home to13 of the 20 most
polluted cities globally, making environmental challenges a familiar concept to the nation.1
while India has informally practiced and dealt with environmental justice for many years, this
article is an argument that a formal definition is necessary.


Suvada, K-A. (2016). Defining Environmental Justice: The Indian Context. iRelations: International Journal of Geopolitics, 2(2), 39-55.