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Decision Strategy and Structure in Households: A “Groups” Perspective

From a practical perspective, (arguably) most consumer decisions are not made in isolation of the households in which consumers are inserted, yet we commonly treat them econometrically as if they were. The purpose of this workshop was to take some initial steps in defining needed research in household decision making that structurally accounts for goal sharing, utility interdependence, taste heterogeneity, choice set formation, power structures, group size and composition, and so forth. We also considered conditions under which aggregation of tastes, utility and choices might occur and make sense from both behavioral and modeling perspectives.


Adamowicz, W., Hanemann, WM., Swait, J., Johnson, F., Layton, D., Regenwetter, M., ... Sorkin, R. (2005). Decision Strategy and Structure in Households: A “Groups” Perspective. Marketing Letters, 16(3-4), 387-399. https://doi.org/10.1007/s11002-005-5900-6

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