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Costs of illness due to endemic cholera

Economic analyses of cholera immunization programs require estimates of the costs of cholera. The Diseases of the Most Impoverished program measured the public, provider, and patient costs of culture-confirmed cholera in four study sites with endemic cholera using a combination of hospital- and community-based studies. Families with culture-proven cases were surveyed at home 7 and 14 days after confirmation of illness. Public costs were measured at local health facilities using a micro-costing methodology. Hospital-based studies found that the costs of severe cholera were US$32 and US$47 in Matlab and Beira. Community-based studies in North Jakarta and Kolkata found that cholera cases cost between US$28 and US$206, depending on hospitalization. Patients' cost of illness as a percentage of average monthly income were 21% and 65% for hospitalized cases in Kolkata and North Jakarta, respectively. This burden on families is not captured by studies that adopt a provider perspective


Poulos, C., Riewpaiboon, A., Stewart, JF., Clemens, J., Guh, S., Agtini, M., ... Whittington, D. (2012). Costs of illness due to endemic cholera. Epidemiology and Infection, 140(3), 500-509. https://doi.org/10.1017/S0950268811000513

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