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Communication tools for distributed software development teams


Thissen, M. R., Page, J. M., Bharathi, M. C., & Austin, T. L. (2007). Communication tools for distributed software development teams. In SIGMIS CPR '07: Proceedings of the 2007 ACM SIGMIS CPR conference on Computer personnel research: The global information technology workforce, pp. 28–35. .


This paper examines communication tools for software development and data management teams who are distributed geographically. Using a case study approach, we describe collaboration processes used by RTI International’s (RTI’s) application programming teams for three projects. Techniques range from simple conference calls and email through webcasts, collaboration websites and remote server control. These tools allow teams to work together to produce software and data products in spite of differences in locations, time zones and network access. The qualitative findings are relevant to increased globalization, outsourcing and telecommuting in the software development workforce.