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Cocaine receptor binding ligands

Novel compounds show high affinity for specific cocainereceptors in the brain, particularly dopamine transporter sites,and have the formula ##STR1## Wherein Y=CONRR.sub.2, R.sub.1=hydrogen, C.sub.1-5 alkyl, X=H, C.sub.1-6 alkyl, C.sub.3-8cycloalkyl, C.sub.1-4 alkoxy, C.sub.1-6 alkynyl, halogen, amino,acylamido, R and R.sup.2 may be saturated or unsaturatedsubstituents of 1-6 carbon atoms, aromatic, or combine to formpyrrolidinyl, morpholinyl or piperidinyl moieties, and Z=H, I, Br,Cl, F, CN, CF.sub.3 NO.sub.2, N.sub.3, OR.sub.1, CO.sub.2 NH.sub.2,CO.sub.2 R.sub.1, C.sub.1-6 alkyl, NR.sub.4 R.sub.5, NHCOF.sub.5,NHCO.sub.2 R.sub.6, wherein R.sub.4 -R.sub.6 are each C.sub.1-6alkyl.


Kuhar, MJ., Carroll, F., Boja, JW., Lewin, A., & Abraham, P. (1996). IPC No. U.S. Cocaine receptor binding ligands. (Patent No. 5496953).