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A cluster evaluation of Navy quality of life programs


Schwerin, M., Michael, P. G., Glaser, D. N., & Farrar, K. L. (2002). A cluster evaluation of Navy quality of life programs. Evaluation and Program Planning, 25(3), 303-312. DOI: 10.1016/S0149-7189(02)00024-1


The objective of this study was to describe a program evaluation system that can be applied to a wide range of quality of life (QOL) programs in the Navy—specific enough to capture the variability of several QOL programs with sufficient consistency across programs to facilitate multi-program comparisons. Evaluation measures were designed specifically for each program consisting of a core set of items that evaluated how well each program affected program-specific outcomes, general QOL program outcomes, and organizational outcomes (i.e. overall QOL, readiness, and retention plans). Surveys were administered at 13 QOL programs in three US Navy Fleet concentration areas: Southern California, Norfolk Virginia, and Yokosuka Japan. Program evaluation surveys were distributed to program patrons at the point of service for a 6-month period (n 10,765). Analyses and results examining general QOL program outcomes and organizational outcomes are presented. Advantages, limitations, implications, and areas for future research will be discussed.