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Childlessness and Marital Stability in Remarriages

This study used multiple decrement life-table techniques to examine childbearing and marital stability among women still childless at remarriage. The results indicate that, among white women childless at remarriage, two-thirds have a first child in the new marriage, while a minority continue to be childless in a long-term second marriage or experience separation or divorce from a second marriage while still childless. Among childless black women, only one-third begin childbearing in remarriage. Further analyses explored the relationship of educational level, age, and period of remarriage to childbearing and stability in remarriage. The findings suggest that, whereas in a number of cases marital disruption delays the beginning of childbearing, in others it contributes to the development of a long-term childless lifestyle that persists through remarriage


Griffith, J., Koo, H., & Suchindran, C. M. (1984). Childlessness and Marital Stability in Remarriages. Journal of Marriage and Family, 46(3), 577-585.