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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Findings From The National Healthy Worksite Program

Objective:To evaluate employers' implementation of evidence-based interventions, and changes in employees' behaviors associated with participating in the national healthy worksite program (NHWP).Methods:NHWP recruited 100 small and mid-sized employers and provided training and support for 18 months. Outcome measures were collected with an employer questionnaire, an employee survey, and biometric data at baseline and 18 months later.Results:The 41 employers who completed the NHWP implemented significantly more evidence-based interventions and had more comprehensive worksite health promotion programs after participating. Employees made significant improvements in physical activity and nutritional behaviors, but did not significantly improve employee weight.Conclusions:Training and technical support can help small and mid-sized employers implement evidence-based health interventions to promote positive employee behavior changes. A longer follow up period may be needed to assess whether NHWP led to improvements in clinical outcomes.


Lang, J., Cluff, L., Payne, J., Matson-Koffman, D., & Hampton, J. (2017). The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: Findings From The National Healthy Worksite Program. Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, 59(7), 631-641. https://doi.org/10.1097/JOM.0000000000001045