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Cause-specific mortality in cellular telephone users

In a previous report 1 on overall mortality for a cohort of 255,868 cellular telephone users from a single cellular carrier, we found that age-specific total mortality rates for users of handheld cellular telephones differed little from those of users of nonhandheld (car and bag) cellular telephones. Herein we report cause-specific mortality in 1994 for an expanded cohort. Although the initial protocol called for continuing surveillance for mortality, 2 access to data beyond 1 year was blocked by a class-action lawsuit 3 challenging the legality of monitoring product safety through record linkage.


Dreyer, NA., Loughlin, JE., & Rothman, K. (1999). Cause-specific mortality in cellular telephone users. JAMA, 282(19), 1814-1816. https://doi.org/10.1001/jama.282.19.1814-a