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Behavioural patterns in Mediterranean-style drinking Generation Y preferences in alcoholic beverage consumption

The received wisdom is that patterns of alcohol consumption in Mediterranean countries are healthier than in northern European counterparts. However, recent surveys highlight the growing tendency by younger generations to change drinking-style. This increases the concern over adoption of unhealthy consumption behaviours that might be carried over in later age. What remains unexplored are the details of these emerging consumption patterns. The objective of this paper is to cast some light on these phenomena using stated choice data. This study quantitatively explores consumption contexts and links them to characteristics of young Italians. Data collected from a questionnaire completed by 556 respondents are used to estimate a Latent Class Model. Results reveal the existence of eight distinct consumption patterns, some of them far from the Mediterranean tradition. Socialization is the main motivation for alcohol consumption. Consumption of wine, the traditional Mediterranean drink, appears to be in the process of being re-discovered and re-appreciated.


Agnoli, L., Boeri, M., Scarpa, R., Capitello, R., & Begalli, D. (2018). Behavioural patterns in Mediterranean-style drinking: Generation Y preferences in alcoholic beverage consumption. Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Economics , 75, 117-125. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.socec.2018.06.001