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AVATALK Virtual Humans for Training with Computer Generated Forces


Hubal, R. C., Frank, G. A., & Guinn, C. I. (2000). AVATALK Virtual Humans for Training with Computer Generated Forces. In Conference on Computer Generated Forces and Behavioral Representation,.


Research Triangle Institute's (RTI) AVATALK™ technology enables natural interaction with computer generated virtual humans, linking theory of human behavior with virtual reality, knowledge representation, and natural language processing. AVATALK virtual humans act realistically without human intervention--action takes such form as choice of utterances, conversational expectancy, and branching logic within the application. Underlying virtual human action is a dialog processor, a behavior engine, and a virtual environment adapter. AVATALK-enabled applications provide an opportunity for practice with numerous case-based scenarios in a reproducible, objective learning environment prior to the challenge of actual engagement. Training and sustainment benefits include enhanced adaptability, availability, and assessment, and reduced loss of effectiveness for learners at distributed locations. RTI has already developed AVATALK-enabled products for training to conduct data collection interviews, for tank maintenance training, and for Emergency Medical Technician training. AVATALK intelligent agents are a logical extension for training in the communication that occurs among forces.