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Alternative cost-effective anesthesia care teams

Private and public payers are increasingly seeking an overall per-diem or global surgery rates that put hospitals at significant financial risk for anesthesia services. Other payers are demanding deep discounts in anesthesia fees and negotiating global capitation rates that put both hospitals and physicians at risk for all care including anesthesia. This study examines some of the various organizational models for using physician anesthesiologist (MDA) and nurse anesthetist (CRNA) resources most cost effectively and safely. Variations in percentages of these practitioners can be seen in that California reportedly has 47 MDAs for every 10 CRNAs while Michigan has just 6 MDAs for every 10 CRNAs practicing in that more highly managed care environment. Four various anesthesia practice models are described in detail without declaring any one a universal model. The cost per year for MDAs averages $294,000 while the cost per year for CRNAs is less than half as much


Cromwell, J., & Snyder, K. (2000). Alternative cost-effective anesthesia care teams. Nursing Economics, 18(4), 185-193.