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Addiction epidemiology in adolescents receiving inpatient psychiatric treatment

This study sought to characterize adolescent psychiatric inpatient populations from two sites and to determine correlates of substance use disorders (SUD). Screening procedures for SUD differ substantially between these sites. A retrospective review of adolescent inpatients (n = 636) revealed that the populations were similar in gender, race and age. Rates of SUD at the site with a formalized SUD screening regimen were higher (39%) than those at the other site (16.5%). Similar correlates of SUD were observed across sites, including older age, legal involvement, sexual activity, childhood disruptive disorder, and tobacco use. These results suggest that SUD is a major issue in adolescent psychiatric patients. More rigorous screening for SUD and its correlates may facilitate earlier detection of substance use in this vulnerable population. (C) 2007 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved


Weaver, MF., Dupre, MA., Cropsey, KL., Koch, JR., Sood, BA., Wiley, J., & Balster, RL. (2007). Addiction epidemiology in adolescents receiving inpatient psychiatric treatment. Addictive Behaviors, 32(12), 3107-3113.