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Adapting healthcare quality measures to transgender individuals

The healthcare system's rapid shift toward value-based payment poses unique quality measurement challenges and new foci for researchers and policy makers. Quality measures that use sex-specific criteria may inappropriately include or exclude transgender individuals. More large-scale studies must be conducted to incorporate transgender individuals into measures that use sex-specific criteria, and measure stewards should consider the existing clinical guidelines and recommendations regarding transgender individuals when developing measures. Systems designed only for cisgender individuals will exacerbate existing transgender healthcare disparities unless they are revamped and flexible to transgender individuals' needs.


Hughes, L. D., Berzin, O. K. G., Leung, M., Hersey, C., & Grallert, S. (2017). Adapting healthcare quality measures to transgender individuals. LGBT Health, 4(4), 248-251. https://doi.org/10.1089/lgbt.2017.0009

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