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Accidental burn deaths to Egyptian women of reproductive age

Among women of reproductive age in Menoufia, Egypt, deaths from burns constitute a major public health problem. Burns account for 9 per cent of the deaths occurring to women aged 15-49, and were the third cause of death (after disease of the circulatory system and complications of pregnancy and childbirth). Nearly two-thirds of the burns were caused by kerosene cooking stoves. The data were obtained from a population-based survey of all deaths to women of reproductive age. There were 1691 deaths from all causes during the 3 years of the study, 152 of these were due to burns. Information on the cause of death was gathered from interviews with surviving family members; interviews were reviewed by physicians and a cause of death established. Although hospital-based studies provide valuable information for the management of burn injuries presenting for treatment, establishing rates of injury, comparing the incidence in one population group relative to another, or comparing the incidence of burns relative to other forms of injury requires a population-based study.


Saleh, S., Gadalla, S., Fortney, JA., Rogers, S., & Potts, DM. (1986). Accidental burn deaths to Egyptian women of reproductive age. Burns, 12(4), 241-245.