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Stephanie R. Earnshaw

Research Management Scientist, RTI-HS

Stephanie Earnshaw, PhD, applies mathematical modeling, optimization, and decision analysis techniques to industry-related issues and health care problems. She has also extensive experience in survey management. Her areas of specialization include systems optimization and solving resource allocation problems. She has developed innovative mathematical models to determine pricing strategy, budget impact, and cost-effectiveness of new products. Dr. Earnshaw has developed a variety of mathematical models, including Markov models, Monte Carlo simulation models, and other state transition models, to analyse the impact of new medical interventions on disease progression. Dr. Earnshaw also has extensive programming experience and has led programmers in developing user interfaces for health surveys and for several pharmacoeconomic models. Dr. Earnshaw is a member of the Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences. She has presented her work at professional conferences and has published in several peer-reviewed journals.


PhD, Industrial Engineering (Operations Research and Management), North Carolina State University; MS, Industrial Engineering (Operations Research), North Carolina State University; BS, Mathematical Science (Operations Research), University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Latest Publications

Using the coronary artery calcium score to guide statin therapy: A cost-effectiveness analysis — Circulation: Cardiovascular Quality and Outcomes
Pletcher, M.J., Pignone, M., Earnshaw, S., McDade, C., Phillips, K.A., Auer, R., et al. (Mar 2014)
Effect of including cancer mortality on the cost-effectiveness of aspirin for primary prevention in men — Journal of General Internal Medicine
Pignone, M., Earnshaw, S., McDade, C., & Pletcher, M.J. (Nov 2013)
Model-based cost-effectiveness analyses for prostate cancer chemoprevention : a review and summary of challenges — Pharmacoeconomics
Earnshaw, S.R., Brogan, A.P., & McDade, C.L. (Apr 2013)
Benefit-risk Analysis of Adalimumab and Alternative Treatments for Moderate to Severe Rheumatoid Arthritis
Hicks, K., Earnshaw, S., McDade, C., Shaw, J.W., & Cifaldi, M.A. (Nov 2012)
Benefit-Risk Analysis of Adalimumab and Alternative Treatments for Moderate-To-Severe Rheumatoid Arthritis — Value in Health
Hicks, K.A., Earnshaw, S.R., Shaw, J.W., & Cifaldi, M. (Nov 2012)
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