Robert White

Senior Forensic Research Scientist


  • Postdoctoral Clinical Chemistry, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
  • PhD, Organic Chemistry, University of Florida
  • BA, ACS, Vanderbilt University

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Dr. White conducts research and development to improve the rigor and breadth of toxicological analysis, especially in the area of employment-related drug testing. He currently focuses on the development of the SAMHSA Oral Fluid Pilot Proficiency Testing Program. He has been qualified as an expert in toxicology in the administrative, civil, and criminal courts of the state of Florida and in federal administrative hearings over a hundred times. Dr. White has been the responsible person in a federally-certified laboratory and directed a state of Florida forensic and clinical laboratory. He has also served as an inspector/auditor for the SAMHSA urine drug testing program. In addition, Dr. White serves as a College of American Pathologists’ inspector. 

Dr. White has held numerous elected and appointed positions in several scientific societies primarily the American Association for Clinical Chemistry. He is board-certified in clinical chemistry, toxicological chemistry, and molecular diagnostics by the American Board for Clinical Chemistry and board-certified in forensic toxicology by the American Board of Forensic Toxicology. Dr. White is licensed by the state of Florida as a clinical laboratory director with specialties in clinical chemistry, serology/immunology and molecular pathology and licensed as a health care risk manager. He is also licensed by the state of Tennessee as a medical laboratory professional.