Kristin Gilchrist

Research Scientist

Kristin Gilchrist


  • PhD, Electrical Engineering, Stanford University
  • MS, Electrical Engineering, Stanford University
  • BE, Biomedical Engineering and Electrical Engineering, Vanderbilt University

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Kristin Gilchrist is an engineer specializing in biomedical applications, including noninvasive, wearable sensors. With expertise in data analysis, device design, and system integration, she is exploring the potential of these increasingly available devices to improve the detection and management of illnesses and injuries.

Dr. Gilchrist has managed a variety of projects for our Engineered Systems division. Currently, for the U.S. Department of Defense, she is leading our research on the use of wearable sensors for presymptomatic detection of illness and rapid diagnosis of mild traumatic brain injury. For the National Institutes of Health, she led the development of a seizure-detection device for children with epilepsy.

Before joining RTI in 2005, Dr. Gilchrist was a research scientist at MCNC in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina. She developed microscale devices for medical imaging and chemical sensing applications. She holds several U.S. patents.