Kimberly O'Malley

Senior Vice President, Education and Workforce Development

Kimberly O'Malley


  • PhD, Educational Psychology Measurement and Statistics, University of Houston
  • MS, Educational Administration, University of Houston
  • BS, Mathematics, University of Houston
  • BS, Education, University of Houston

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Dr. Kimberly O’Malley is a nationally-recognized expert in measurement, the use of technology to improve learning and assessments, predictive analytics, and research on system-level improvements in education. She has built and grown research teams in the health and education fields, has held leadership roles supporting the administration of state-wide assessment programs in 16 states across the country, and advised numerous federal, state, and district education officials on education and workforce issues. She has also advised ministries of education in countries such as Brazil, China, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, and United Arab Emirates.

Dr. O’Malley designs and oversees research on a wide range of education issues in topics such as transitioning to next generation assessment systems, measurement for English learners, teaching and learning in the digital age, accommodations for students with disabilities, and approaches to measuring readiness for college and career.