Karen Lissy

Research Social Scientist


  • MPH, Health Behavior & Epidemiology, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  • BA, Public Policy Studies, Duke University

Karen Lissy is an expert in identity theft and white collar crime issues. She has more than a decade of experience conducting social science research, including directing a research program at the Harvard Center for Risk Analysis. Ms. Lissy’s current work focuses on a variety of security, policing, expectation of privacy, and crime measurement issues, especially the impact of new technologies on criminal justice. She recently concluded serving two terms on a Department of Homeland Security working group focused on identity theft and its nexus to illicit activity.  She has published white papers and articles, and been interviewed for her opinions on these topics.

Ms. Lissy previously served as a law enforcement analyst identifying and investigating large-scale identity theft and financial fraud cases, many of which involved cybercrime, including data breaches and card compromises. In this role, she worked closely with financial institution and retail fraud specialists, local and Federal law enforcement, and State and Federal prosecutors. She has served on multiple law enforcement and financial institution task forces related to bank fraud, electronic crimes, and suspicious activity reporting under the Bank Secrecy Act.