Gordon M. Cressman

Senior Director, International Information and Communication Technology


  • MS, Forestry and Statistics, North Carolina State University
  • BS, Forestry, University of Kentucky
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With more than three decades of experience, Gordon Cressman has been a pioneer in using ICT for international development. His experience includes assessment, strategic planning, and operational planning. He is an expert in system design, procurement, integration, and implementation, and has worked extensively in capacity building, operations, sustainability, and scale-up strategies.

His ICT applications experience spans health, education, and governance. He has helped organizations in 32 countries use ICT effectively through sustainable strategies sensitive to local context.

In Egypt, he conducted the first comprehensive assessment of the public Health Information System (HIS). In Iraq, he supported rapid development of technical assistance to local governments, led development of an online local governance law library, and led the development of a modern electronic real estate registration system. In the Philippines, he initiated what has become the Wireless Access for Health, a successful local nongovernmental organization introducing and scaling up electronic medical records in clinics and hospitals across the country. He is currently leading an effort to produce the second generation of open source mobile software to help eliminate malaria.