Dennis Gilmore

Director, Technology for Energy, Environment and Engineering

Dennis Gilmore


  • PhD, Organic Chemistry, Duke University
  • BS, Chemistry, Missouri State University

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Dennis Gilmore is an innovative and results-oriented scientist, manager, and business executive with direct experience in research and development (R&D), sales, marketing, and technology licensing. Over a career spanning nearly 40 years, he has led the development and commercialization of more than 200 new products and processes for global, science-driven companies.

Throughout his career, he has been extensively involved in developing and applying chemical technology that solves performance and durability problems arising at the interface between dissimilar materials. His current research focus is aimed at supporting efforts to improve the cost-effective creation, use, storage, and environmental impact of many energy sources.

In addition to his RTI work as senior director of research and engineering in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, Dr. Gilmore has extensive experience with international joint venture formation and operation, including direct location assignments, customer engagement, and leadership of organizations with R&D staff based in multiple countries. His background includes industry work in energy, aerospace, electronics, transportation, and construction, and he is a member of the American Chemical Society, SAE International Aerospace, Pressure Sensitive Tape Council, Society of Plastics Engineers, TAPPI, and ASTM International.