Corporate Governance

Hill Building

Our governing structure comprises the members of the corporation, the board of governors, and the corporate officers.

The members of the corporation, representing Duke University and The University of North Carolina, meet annually as the nonprofit equivalent of stockholders. They elect the governors, who represent the business and scientific communities.

Our primary governing body is the board of governors, which formulates policy consistent with our mission to improve the human condition by turning knowledge into practice. The board meets at least bimonthly and consists of up to 15 governors who represent the 17 University of North Carolina institutions, Duke University, and the business and scientific communities.

Corporate officers are senior management team members who are accountable to the board for specific aspects of corporate governance and financial management.

Members of the Corporation

  • Richard H. Brodhead
    Duke University
  • Margaret Spellings
    University of North Carolina
  • William A. Hawkins III
    Lead Director of the Board, Immucor, Inc.;
    Representative of the Board,
    Duke University
  • W. Louis Bissette Jr.
    Attorney, McGuire Wood & Bissette;
    Representative of the Board,
    University of North Carolina


Board of Governors


  • William M. Moore Jr. (Chair)
    Lookout Capital
  • Peter M. Scott III (Vice Chair)
    Former CFO, Progress Energy;
    Former President and CEO,
    Progress Energy Services Company
  • Christopher S. Brown
    Vice President for Research
    and Graduate Education,
    University of North Carolina
  • Larry Carin
    Vice Provost of Research
    Duke University
  • Thomas F. Darden
    President and Chief Executive Officer, Cherokee Investment Partners
  • Barbara Entwisle
    Kenan Professor and
    Vice Chancellor for Research,
    University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  • E. Wayne Holden
    President and Chief Executive Officer,
    RTI International
  • Robert A. Ingram
    General Partner,
    Hatteras Venture Partners;
    Former CEO, GlaxoWellcome
  • Peter Lange
    Thomas A. Langford University Professor of Political Science & Provost Emeritus,
    Duke University
  • Harold L. Martin Sr.
    North Carolina A&T State University
  • W.G. Champion Mitchell
    Former CEO, Network Solutions
  • John H. Moellering
    Chairman Emeritus
  • Hilda Pinnix-Ragland
    Vice President Corporate Public Affairs, Duke Energy
  • Alan H. Rebar
    Vice Chancellor for Research, Innovation and Economic Development,
    North Carolina State University
  • Phail Wynn Jr.
    Vice President,
    Durham and Regional Affairs,
    Duke University









Corporate Officers


  • E. Wayne Holden
    President and Chief Executive Officer
  • James J. Gibson
    Executive Vice President
    and Chief Operating Officer
  • Michael H. Kaelin Jr.
    Executive Vice President
    and Chief Financial Officer
  • Tim J. Gabel
    Executive Vice President,
    Social, Statistical, and Environmental Sciences
  • Aaron S. Williams
    Executive Vice President,
    Government Relations and Corporate Communications
  • Terri L. Lomax
    Executive Vice President,
  • Allen W. Mangel
    Executive Vice President,
    RTI Health Solutions
  • G. Edward Story
    Executive Vice President, General Counsel & Corporate Secretary
  • Lisa May
    Executive Vice President, Human Resources
  • Paul Weisenfeld
    Executive Vice President, International Development
  • E. Ward Sax
    Vice President, Treasurer,
    and Chief Risk Officer
  • David M. O’Brien
    Senior Vice President & Corporate Controller
  • Christopher Buchholtz
    Assistant Corporate Secretary