Survey Research and Services

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Special Population Studies

We study public health trends to discover how new health information affects personal decision making in special populations.

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Household Surveys on Crime

We use household surveys, data collection, and sophisticated data analysis to examine societal trends in crime, violence, and justice.

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Surveying Drug Use and Health

Our annual National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH) is the primary source of data on substance use in the United States.

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Sophisticated Operations Center

We offer state-of-the-art survey data collection capabilities through our centralized, access-controlled Research Operations Center.

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Public Opinion Research

Our researchers study the social, behavioral, and policy implications of new technologies such as unmanned aircraft systems.

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With a staff of highly skilled researchers using advanced data collection systems and techniques, we offer broad-based survey services for public and private sector studies. Our experience as well as our personnel and technical resources allow us to undertake surveys of any size and of any group while controlling cost and maintaining data quality. Show more

Our survey research services include study design, instrument development and evaluation, pretests and pilot studies, mail surveys, telephone surveys, face-to-face field surveys, web surveys, records abstraction, collection of biological specimens, mixed-mode surveys, subject tracing, focus groups, and health registries.


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