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As a leading independent, nonprofit research institute, our commitment to excellence extends to our business systems and processes, making it easy for clients, subcontractors, and vendors to work with us.

We have the contractual, legal, and business structures to serve any client with projects of all sizes. We are a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) corporation. Our tax exemption documents are available online.

For information about how to register with RTI, visit our Partner Link-Up System (PLUS) website.

For information about invoicing RTI and receiving payment on RTI-issued Supplier Agreements (purchase orders, subcontracts, subawards, subgrants, and consultant agreements), please view our Supplier Invoice/Payment Instructions (English) (French).

For information about our company, culture, and business operations as well as guidelines for building a successful partnertship with RTI, please download and view our Global Supply Chain Supplier Handbook.

General Services Administration Schedules

RTI is a General Services Administration (GSA) prequalified vendor in

Our GSA site provides labor categories, ceiling rates, and capabilities in these areas.

Each page of our website provides a contact for additional information about that area of research. To explore how we can help you, please contact any of the individuals listed or e-mail