Energy Research

ARPA-E Energy Innovation Summit

United States Secretary of Energy Dr. Ernest Moniz stopped by RTI's booth at the annual ARPA-E Energy Innovation Summit in Washington, DC.

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Lab- to Bench-Scale Testing

We use a variety of reactor systems to evaluate catalysts, sorbents, membranes, and process configurations for both commercial and government clients.

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Membrane Development

We collaborate with industry and government to develop novel membrane-based processes for industrial gas separation applications.

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Catalysts and Sorbents

We maintain a world-class catalyst synthesis program focused on coupling suitable catalysts or sorbents with specific process designs.

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Process Scale-Up

Our energy programs take technical concepts to commercial realization by moving technologies from lab to field for testing and demonstration at a pilot scale.

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Energy Economics

Our energy economists apply economic modeling, statistical analysis tools, and innovative data collection techniques to a wide range of energy issues.

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RTI scientists and engineers conduct applied research and development for the power, chemical, and petroleum refining industries, as well as for transportation. We work with process technology licensors, gas processing companies, oil refiners, chemical manufacturers, clean fuels developers, catalyst manufacturers, and other commercial clients, as well as with the U.S. Department of Energy, Department of Defense, and other government agencies. Show more

Our R&D expertise includes catalyst and sorbent development; process engineering, simulation, and design; membrane development; lab-scale and bench-scale testing; and process scale-up and prototype demonstration. Our energy economists conduct prospective and retrospective studies of technologies and industries, and present economic return measures for R&D programs as a whole.


RTI International receives funding from US Department of Energy to develop energy efficient lighting

The U.S. Department of Energy has announced that RTI International has been selected to receive funding for the development of lighting technology for the education market that combines energy efficiency and the ability to adjust color.

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