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Dorota Temple

Senior Fellow, Electronics and Energy Technologies

Dorota Temple, PhD, is internationally known for her research on field emission electron sources and for her contributions to the development of three-dimensional integration technologies for "smart" focal plane imaging arrays. She conducts and directs RTI research in electronics and energy technologies and has more than 20 years of experience in electronic materials and processes for applications in integrated circuits, sensors, displays, and solar cells. Dr. Temple is currently the director of RTI Microsystem Integration and Flexible Electronics programs, focusing on emerging technologies for advanced electronic and optoelectronic systems. Dr. Temple has authored or co-authored more than 120 publications, including several invited review papers, and holds six U.S. patents.


PhD, Solid State Physics, AGH University of Science and Technology (Cracow, Poland); MS, Solid State Physics, AGH University of Science and Technology.

Latest Publications

Fabrication and Testing of a TSV-Enabled Si Interposer With Cu- and Polymer-Based Multilevel Metallization — Ieee Transactions on Components Packaging and Manufacturing Technology
Lannon, J., Hilton, A., Huffman, A., Butler, M., Malta, D., Gregory, C., & Temple, D. (Jan 2014)
Characterization and modeling of copper TSVs for silicon interposers
Malta, D., Gregory, C., Lueck, M., Lannon, J., Lewis, J., Temple, D., et al. (May 2013)
Fabrication and testing of thin silicon interposers with multilevel frontside and backside metallization and Cu-filled TSVs
Malta, D., Lueck, M., Huffman, A., Gregory, C., Butler, M., Lannon, J., & Temple, D.S. (May 2013)
High-density 3-D IC integration technology for mixed-signal microsystems
Temple, D.S., Lueck, M.R., Vick, E.P., Malta, D., & Lannon, J.M. (Mar 2013)
Die bonding utilizing a patterned adhesion layer
Vick, E.P., Malta, D.M., Lueck, M.R., & Temple, D. (Jan 2013)
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