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Sheryl C. Cates

Senior Research Policy Analyst

Sheryl Cates has more than 20 years of experience managing projects to provide support for developing food safety and nutrition policy. She specializes in health communication, program evaluation, and survey research methods. She has expertise in survey instrument development and cognitive interviewing; survey design and administration for mail, telephone, Internet, and field surveys; qualitative research methods; and survey data analysis. Projects have included evaluating Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) education in seven states, evaluating materials for a social marketing campaign to promote food thermometer use, and assessing food safety practices of at-risk populations. Ms. Cates has presented her research findings at professional conferences and she has published in numerous journals.


BA, Business Administration, University of North Carolina at Charlotte.

Latest Publications

Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program education and evaluation study (Wave II)
Long, V., Cates, S., Blitstein, J., Deehy, K., Williams, P., Morgan, R., Fantacone, J., Kosa, K., Bell, L., & Hersey, J. (Dec 2013)
The value to consumers of health labeling statements on breakfast foods and cereals — Journal of Food Products Marketing
Muth, M.K., Zhen, C., Taylor, J., Cates, S., Kosa, K., Zorn, D., et al. (Jul 2013)
Predictors of eating raw or undercooked meat, poultry, seafood, and eggs among older adults — Food Protection Trends
Cates, S.C., Karns, S., Kosa, K.M., & Godwin, S.L. (Mar 2013)
The role of healthcare providers and caregivers in educating older adults about foodborne illness prevention — Educational Gerontology
Wohlgenant, K.C., Cates, S.C., Godwin, S.L., & Speller-Henderson, L. (Nov 2012)
Consumers response and preparedness to ensure food safety during extended power outages: Findings from a national survey — International Journal of Food Safety, Nutrition and Public Health
Kosa, K., Cates, S., Ball, M., Godwin, S., & Coppings, R. (Oct 2012)
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