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William Zule

Fellow, Senior Health Analyst

William Zule, DrPH, is a leading expert in community-based HIV prevention research. For more than 25 years, his research has focused on HIV and hepatitis C virus epidemiology and prevention.

Dr. Zule’s work suggests that better syringe designs may substantially reduce HIV infections from syringe sharing. He is currently working with two needle and syringe programs in Tajikistan to develop and test strategies for implementing the World Health Organization’s recommendations regarding the distribution of low dead space syringes to reduce hepatitis C virus and HIV transmission among people who inject drugs.

His early work helped clarify the context of indirect needle sharing in HIV risk among intravenous drug users. Dr. Zule has been a principal investigator, project director, and ethnographer on several large HIV prevention epidemiologic research projects. More recently, he has published a series of papers examining and assessing treatment readiness and entry among out-of-treatment drug users. Dr. Zule currently serves on the board of directors of the North Carolina Harm Reduction Association.


DrPH, University of Texas School of Public-Houston; MPH, University of Texas School of Public Health-Houston; BA, University of Texas-San Antonio.

Latest Publications

Jones, H.E., Kirtadze, I., Otiashvili, D., Murphy, K., O'Grady, K.E., Zule, W., Krupitsky, E., & Wechsberg, W.M. (2015). Feasibility and initial efficacy of a culturally sensitive women-centered substance use intervention in Georgia: Sex risk outcomes. Substance Abuse Treatment, Prevention, and Policy, 10 :47.
Oramasionwu, C.U., Bailey, S.C., Moore, H.N., Oramasionwu, C.O., Russell, A.L., & Zule, W.A. (2015). Dead space in over-the-counter syringes: The implications for HIV and HCV transmission. International Journal of Drug Policy, Advance Online Publication .
Otiashvili, D., Kirtadze, I., O'Grady, K.E., Zule, W., Krupitsky, E., Wechsberg, W.M., et al. (2015). Comprehensive women-centered treatment for substance use disorders in Georgia: Current status and future directions. Journal of Substance Use , 20 (5):367-374.
Doherty, I.A., Myers, B., Zule, W.A., Minnis, A.M., Kline, T.L., Parry, C.D., El-Bassel, N., & Wechsberg, W.M. (2015). Seek, test and disclose: Knowledge of HIV testing and serostatus among high-risk couples in a South African township. Sexually Transmitted Infections, Advance Online Publication .
Wechsberg, W.M., Deren, S., Myers, B., Kirtadze, I., Zule, W.A., Howard, B., et al. (2015). Gender-Specific HIV Prevention Interventions for Women Who Use Alcohol and Other Drugs: The Evolution of the Science and Future Directions. Journal of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndromes, 69 (Suppl 2):S128-S139.
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  • Injection Drug Users
  • HIV/HCV Epidemiology and Prevention
  • Methamphetamine Use
  • Substance Abuse Treatment Readiness