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Rick L. Williams


Rick L. Williams, PhD, has more than 30 years of experience in public health research as a statistician and is a fellow of the American Statistical Association. He designs population surveys, observational studies, and randomized clinical trials, and develops and applies analysis methods for correlated and sample survey data. Dr. Williams has extensive experience with health studies of women, infants, and children. He has experience in preclinical and early-phase drug development studies, such as population pharmacokinetic studies, and in late-phase pharmaceutical outcomes research. He frequently conducts workshops and training classes on the use of appropriate statistical analysis methods for cluster-correlated, longitudinal, or repeated measures data, such as generalized estimating equations for marginal models, hierarchical linear and nonlinear mixed models, and multilevel models. He was selected by a peer-review committee to serve as a fellow for one year with U.S. Department of Agriculture.


PhD, Biostatistics, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; MS, Statistics, Iowa State University; BS, Mathematics, Arizona State University.

Latest Publications

Phelps, D.L., Ward, R.M., Williams, R.L., Watterberg, K.L., Laptook, A.R., Wrage, L.A., Nolen, T.L., Fennell, T.R., Ehrenkranz, R.A., Poindexter, B.B., Cotten, C.M., Hallman, M.K., Frantz, I.D., Faix, R.G., Zaterka-Baxter, K.M., Das, A., et al. (2013). Pharmacokinetics and safety of a single intravenous dose of myo-inositol in preterm infants of 23-29 wk. Pediatric Research, 74 (6):721-729.
Bieler, G.S., Brown, G.G., Williams, R.L., & Brogan, D.J. (2010). Estimating model-adjusted risks, risk differences, and risk ratios from complex survey data. American Journal of Epidemiology, 171 (5):618-623.
McCann, M.F., Baydar, N., & Williams, R.L. (2008). Consumption of soft drinks and other sweet drinks by WIC infants. American Journal of Public Health, 98 (10):1735-1735.
Williams, R.L., Mihlan, G.J., & Tobia, A.J. (2008). Modeling cholinesterase activity for human dietary risk assessment of carbamate insecticides. Risk Analysis, 28 (4):1069-1079.
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  • Biostatistics
  • Observational Studies
  • Longitudinal and Correlated Data Analysis
  • Sample Design and Survey Analysis