Leverage spatially explicit records for every US households and person without the concern of personally identifiable information (PII)

With a synthetic population dataset, you can build a virtual, anonymized population that is representative of real people. This allows for projections of data at maximum granularity for intelligent simulation efforts.

By eliminating PII, these datasets are one of the most secure options for use on projects.

Gain the ability to visualize and cross-compare numerous variables by linking datasets, allowing for predictions of human behavior based on existing trends. ​ ​

Leveraging synthetic populations to:​

  • Understand risk factors for the spread of infectious diseases like COVID-19​
  • Determine connections between socio-economic factors​
  • Identify opioid misuse hotspots​
  • Predict intervention success

RTI SynthPop - Synthetic Population Data

RTI offers the 2010 national and state synthetic population baseline datasets for free for non-commercial use and can quickly create custom, fit for purpose, synthetic populations to meet specific project needs.  Additionally, RTI offers a comprehensive, turnkey, off the self-dataset (SynthPop™) under negotiated commercial terms as needed.  

Contact us for access to our free dataset or for a custom quote.