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RTI Press Methods Report

Synthesized population databases

<p>Agent-based models simulate large-scale social systems. They assign behaviors and activities to "agents" (individuals) within the population being modeled and then allow the agents to interact with the environment and each other in...

RTI Press Research Report

The relationship between insurance coverage and cancer care

This paper summarizes key literature on the relationship between health care insurance status and screening, diagnosis, and medical care patterns and outcomes for individuals with cancer. All studies included for this literature synthesis were...

RTI Press Research Report

Where do HMOs and PPOs locate? Debunking an urban myth

The potential geographic distribution of preferred provider organizations (PPOs) differs greatly from that of health maintenance organizations (HMOs). We explain this theoretically by the natural ordering of insurance types according to the...

RTI Press Research Report

Informed decision making about prostate-specific antigen (PSA) testing

We created the You Decide multimodal intervention to provide men with the information, skills, and reinforcement needed to engage in informed decision making (IDM) related to prostate cancer screening. We developed intervention materials based on...

RTI Press Methods Report

New technologies and tools for study management

In epidemiologic research, effective tools for study management improve data quality, staff/time efficiency, and cost-effectiveness and strengthen study outcomes. The Web-based data management system (DMS) is a relatively new technology in...

RTI Press Methods Report

Analyzing data from nonrandomized group studies

Researchers evaluating prevention and early intervention programs must often rely on diverse study designs that assign groups to various study conditions (e.g., intervention versus control). Although the strongest designs randomly assign these...

RTI Press Research Report

The relationship between individual life events and preterm delivery

Stressful life events have been associated with preterm delivery in some studies but not in others. One cause of this inconsistency may be that different life events have different effects. The author used data collected by the Pregnancy Risk...