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RTI Press Occasional Paper

Zimbabwe in transition

The world’s attention has remained focused on critical national events in Zimbabwe as the country has moved from the turmoil of 2008 to the establishment of the current Inclusive Government. In the process, the country’s 90 newly elected local...

RTI Press Policy Brief

Implementing the CLASS Act

This policy brief analyzes some of the major issues that must be decided in implementing the CLASS Act insurance program: How can adverse selection be prevented? What should actuaries assume in setting insurance premiums? What level of disability...

RTI Press Methods Report

Uptake of water disinfection by-products into food

Humans are exposed to water disinfection by-products (DBPs) through direct ingestion of tap water and via inhalation and dermal absorption. Additional exposure from cooking foods in tap water containing DBPs has not been explored. We conducted...

RTI Press Methods Report

Non-revenue water

Non-revenue water (NRW) includes physical losses (pipe leaks) and commercial losses (illegal connections, unmetered public use, meter error, unbilled metered water, and water for which payment is not collected). NRW levels are high in many...

RTI Press Methods Report

Gender-of-voice effects in an ACASI study of same-sex behavior

Audio computer-assisted self-interviewing (ACASI) is a popular method for administering surveys of sex and other sensitive behaviors. One advantage of ACASI is that it removes the requirement that respondents divulge sensitive behaviors directly...

RTI Press Research Report

An electronic patient referral application

Electronic medical records (EMRs) benefit health systems, especially in low-income developing countries. EMR systems can give medical personnel access to patients’ records and can reduce time needed for data management and record keeping....

RTI Press Research Report

Fire fighter fatality investigation and prevention program

Firefighters are called on to rescue people and protect property under serious and hazardous conditions. Some 100 firefighters die each year on duty, and another 95,000 are injured. Recommendations developed through the National Institute for...