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RTI Press Policy Brief

Adapting to learn and learning to adapt

Adaptive programming and management principles focused on learning, experimentation, and evidence-based decision making are gaining traction with donor agencies and implementing partners in international development. Adaptation calls for using...

RTI Press Policy Brief

Innovations for improving access to quality health care

Municipal insurance–a collective compact in which municipal government is the lead actor in designing, delivering, and supervising a health care financing arrangement—is considered by some Guatemalans as a potential new avenue for improving...

RTI Press Policy Brief

Can big data save labor market information systems?

Labor markets desperately need information to function effectively and efficiently, making labor market information systems critical public investments. Yet government systems face significant challenges in collecting quality data, turning it...

RTI Press Policy Brief

Bring the change you want to see

India’s large and growing urban population too often lacks access to improved sanitation or has inadequate treatment of its sewerage waste. Lagging sanitation coverage holds down the nation’s development and creates health and environment hazards...

RTI Press Policy Brief

Linking learning to employment

Current approaches to secondary school are producing high numbers of dropouts and low numbers of students well prepared for college and careers. Given global demand for better education quality and relevance, a reform movement in the US that...

RTI Press Policy Brief

A relevant data revolution for development

The paper argues that generalizing from standard tenets of big data to developing country situations should be done only with considerable caution. The emerging term of art for a careful application of big data tenets to public policy issues in...