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The GreenSeeker Handheld

The GreenSeeker Handheld crop sensor is an innovative diagnostic tool that farmers can use to improve their fertilizer use efficiency. Over the last decade, farmers in the Yaqui Valley, Sonora, Mexico, widely adopted the technology. Adoption led...

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Analytical assessment of e-cigarettes

A volume in the Emerging Issues in Analytical Chemistry series, Analytical Assessment of e-Cigarettes: From Contents to Chemical and Particle Exposure Profiles addresses the many issues surrounding electronic cigarettes in an...

RTI Press Book

Sustainable shale oil and gas

This practical guide describes the operational details of production and environmental pitfalls of fracking—going beyond productivity improvement objectives—to explore cutting-edge analytic techniques and provide a better understanding of the...

RTI Press Occasional Paper

Sustainable cities

Cities often have limited financial resources for sustainability planning, including sustainable solutions for municipal solid waste management. In this paper, we investigate municipal solid waste management strategies designed to meet two common...

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Bring the change you want to see

India’s large and growing urban population too often lacks access to improved sanitation or has inadequate treatment of its sewerage waste. Lagging sanitation coverage holds down the nation’s development and creates health and environment hazards...