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RTI Press Occasional Paper

Sub-Saharan Africa is lighting up

This research paper provides a regional review of the state of electricity access in Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA), focusing on installed capacity, electricity generation, the growth of renewable energy, electricity consumption, government investment...

RTI Press Book

Sustainable shale oil and gas

This practical guide describes the operational details of production and environmental pitfalls of fracking—going beyond productivity improvement objectives—to explore cutting-edge analytic techniques and provide a better understanding of the...

RTI Press Methods Report

Construction and application of the MEEDE dataset

We describe the construction of a highly detailed dataset of the US electric sector—the Micro-level Economic and Environmental Detail of Electricity. The dataset represents a unique synthesis of engineering, economic, and environmental data...

RTI Press Research Report

Applying social science to assess public interaction with shale gas

We propose a research agenda for the application of social science methods to enhance the understanding of the public’s relationship with shale gas. We summarize the history of shale gas usage and the recent increase in its prominence as a source...

RTI Press Book

Innovations in home energy use

As a collection of essays that explore innovations to encourage reduction in homeowner energy use, this volume reflects a confluence of ideas and initiatives rather than a narrow look at what a single, particular line of academic literature...

RTI Press Book

Shale oil and gas

In the first edition, Shale Gas: The Promise and the Peril , Vikram Rao explained that shale gas has the potential to transform the U.S. energy-based economy in the electricity, transportation, and chemical sectors. Since then, shale oil...

RTI Press Occasional Paper

Externalities of transportation fuels

This research report examines the economic and environmental externalities associated with the US transportation sector. The United States currently accounts for about 25 percent of world oil consumption, about 50 percent of which is imported....

RTI Press Research Brief

Assessing environmental externalities of transportation fuels

The purpose of this study was to estimate the environmental externalities associated with various transportation fuels in the United States. We used GREET—a life-cycle analysis model; FASOM-GHG—a partial equilibrium dynamic optimization model on...