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Hijacking of basic research

Gathering and communicating knowledge are important aspects of the scientific endeavor. Yet presentation of data in public forums such as scientific meetings and publications makes it available not only to scientists, but also to others who may...

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Dissecting American Health Care

The intersection of health care, politics, and policy is a controversial one, and this book of lively essays takes on many of today’s hot health topics: alternative medicine, health care reform, screening mammograms, taxes to change behavior, gun...

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Aerosol science and technology

Aerosol Science and Technology: History and Reviews captures an exciting slice of history in the evolution of aerosol science. It presents in-depth biographies of four leading international aerosol researchers and highlights...

RTI Press Occasional Paper

Implementing school-based management in Indonesia

Indonesia, the world's fourth most populous nation, has been decentralizing its education sector for the past decade. In this context, school-based management is essential for improving the quality of education. A mixed-method, multisite...

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The Early Grade Reading Assessment

The Early Grade Reading Assessment (EGRA) measures students' progress towards reading. EGRA gauges early literacy skills through a 15-minute individual oral assessment of five fundamental reading skills. RTI worked with education...

RTI Press Research Brief

Advancing the prevention of substance abuse via translational research

This research brief highlights the relevance and utility of promoting a transdisciplinary translational model as the foundation for the next generation of research on substance abuse. This model is based on research teams with investigators from...

RTI Press Research Report

Choosing the best mattress

A comfortable mattress is said to be an essential ingredient in a good night’s sleep, but we have little understanding of the effects of sleep surface on sleep outcomes such as daytime drowsiness or energy. Most studies devoted to testing the...

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Viewing America's energy future in three dimensions

The future of the US energy infrastructure is a major and urgent challenge for our society. This monograph was stimulated by a report of the National Academies' Committee on America's Energy Future, America's Energy Future: Technology and...

RTI Press Occasional Paper

US educational achievement on international assessments

The debate about the performance of US students on international assessments of educational achievement routinely fails to account for one consistently stark result: US achievement is bifurcated between a group of high-performing Asian and white...

RTI Press Occasional Paper

Improving data quality in relational databases

The traditional vertical decomposition methods in relational database normalization fail to prevent common data anomalies. Although a database may be highly normalized, the quality of the data stored in this database may still deteriorate because...