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RTI Press Research Report

The effect of interviewer image in a virtual-world survey

When survey respondents are consciously or unconsciously influenced by the characteristics of the interviewer, bias in the survey estimates may result. The effects of interviewer characteristics such as gender and race on survey estimates have...

RTI Press Methods Report

Recruitment and retention strategies for environmental exposure studies

The Environmental Protection Agency’s Detroit Exposure and Aerosol Research Study (DEARS) was a complex 3-year personal exposure study. The six geographically defined areas in the Detroit (Wayne County), Michigan, area used as study locations are...

RTI Press Research Brief

Environmental health risk and the use of biomass stoves in Sri Lanka

This research brief examines environmental health risk and biomass fuel stove use in Sri Lanka. For the majority of Sri Lankan households, biomass fuel is the main resource for cooking. These fuels are a major source of indoor air pollution (IAP...

RTI Press Book

Measuring nonuse damages using contingent valuation

This second edition of Measuring Nonuse Damages Using Conjoint Valuation is essentially a reprint of a 1992 monograph that has been in steady demand since its original appearance. The RTI Press edition, which is intended to meet...

RTI Press Book

Noncognitive skills in the classroom

This book provides an overview of recent research on the relationship between noncognitive attributes (motivation, self efficacy, resilience) and academic outcomes (such as grades or test scores). We focus primarily on how these sets of...

RTI Press Occasional Paper

Zimbabwe in transition

The world’s attention has remained focused on critical national events in Zimbabwe as the country has moved from the turmoil of 2008 to the establishment of the current Inclusive Government. In the process, the country’s 90 newly elected local...

RTI Press Research Report

Building a data infrastructure for conducting research in Ukraine

This report describes the IT infrastructure and health information exchange system (HIES) software developed for the International Consortium for Applied Radiation Research (ICARR) project. The research was conducted under a cooperative agreement...

RTI Press Policy Brief

Implementing the CLASS Act

This policy brief analyzes some of the major issues that must be decided in implementing the CLASS Act insurance program: How can adverse selection be prevented? What should actuaries assume in setting insurance premiums? What level of disability...