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RTI Press Methods Report

Validation of the CDC-RTI diabetes cost-effectiveness model

The purpose of this study was to assess the validity of the CDC-RTI Diabetes Cost-Effectiveness Model by comparing rates of diabetes incidence and complications to existing published results. We performed 47 internal and external validation...

RTI Press Occasional Paper

Increasing development impact

In recent years, private fund flows to low-income countries have expanded dramatically. Some of this increase can be attributed to firms' bolstering their corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities by engaging with social concerns in...

RTI Press Research Report

The relationship between insurance coverage and cancer care

This paper summarizes key literature on the relationship between health care insurance status and screening, diagnosis, and medical care patterns and outcomes for individuals with cancer. All studies included for this literature synthesis were...

RTI Press Methods Report

Synthesized population databases

Agent-based models simulate large-scale social systems. They assign behaviors and activities to "agents" (individuals) within the population being modeled and then allow the agents to interact with the environment and each other in complex...

RTI Press Research Report

Where do HMOs and PPOs locate? Debunking an urban myth

The potential geographic distribution of preferred provider organizations (PPOs) differs greatly from that of health maintenance organizations (HMOs). We explain this theoretically by the natural ordering of insurance types according to the...