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RTI Press Methods Report

New technologies and tools for study management

In epidemiologic research, effective tools for study management improve data quality, staff/time efficiency, and cost-effectiveness and strengthen study outcomes. The Web-based data management system (DMS) is a relatively new technology in...

RTI Press Methods Report

Analyzing data from nonrandomized group studies

Researchers evaluating prevention and early intervention programs must often rely on diverse study designs that assign groups to various study conditions (e.g., intervention versus control). Although the strongest designs randomly assign these...

RTI Press Research Report

Costs of illness among older adults

This study estimates the cost burden associated with six major illnesses among Americans age 65 or older: chronic lung disease, ischemic heart disease, stroke, lung cancer, pneumonia, and gastrointestinal illness. These illnesses were selected...

RTI Press Research Report

The relationship between individual life events and preterm delivery

Stressful life events have been associated with preterm delivery in some studies but not in others. One cause of this inconsistency may be that different life events have different effects. The author used data collected by the Pregnancy Risk...

RTI Press Methods Report

A practical guide to opportunity assessment methods

Based on the authors' experience, a gap is apparent between technology managers' needs and opportunity assessment resources. Many organizations need a tool for evaluating seed funding or small business investment opportunities, but they lack a...