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A brief introduction to the use of stated-choice methods to measure preferences for treatment benefits and risks

September 2009

Using geographic information systems to define and map commuting patterns as inputs to agent-based models

June 2009

The relationship between insurance coverage and cancer care

A literature synthesis
May 2009

Synthesized population databases

A US geospatial database for agent-based models
May 2009

Where do HMOs and PPOs locate? Debunking an urban myth

March 2009

A mixed model approach for intent-to-treat analysis in longitudinal clinical trials with missing values

March 2009

Informed decision making about prostate-specific antigen (PSA) testing

Findings and implications from formative testing of a multimodal intervention
February 2009

New technologies and tools for study management

Lessons learned from designing and implementing a web-based data management system for a multisite longitudinal intervention study
December 2008

Analyzing data from nonrandomized group studies

November 2008

Use of secondary population-based databases to evaluate the safety of medications

September 2008

Costs of illness among older adults

An analysis of six major health conditions with significant environmental risk factors
September 2008

The relationship between individual life events and preterm delivery

September 2008

Student employment during the transition to college in the United States

February 2008

A target-based model of efficient allocation of federal resources to the states for emergency preparedness

February 2008

A practical guide to opportunity assessment methods

February 2008

Using a model-aided sampling paradigm instead of a traditional sampling paradigm in a nationally representative establishment survey

February 2008

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