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A frame supplementation procedure for address-based sampling
February 2016

Decentralization and decentralized education finance in Egypt (2007-2013)

January 2016

Innovations in home energy use

A sourcebook for behavior change
January 2016

Conference proceedings

2015 Impression, Pattern, and Trace Evidence Symposium
December 2015

CLEANEAST™ comprehensive environmental assessment tool for livestock and poultry farms

Design, utility, and performance for adoption of sustainable agri-environmental practices
December 2015

The analytical chemistry of cannabis

Quality assessment, assurance, and regulation of medicinal marijuana and cannabinoid preparations
December 2015

Sustainable cities

Key considerations in the selection of strategies to optimize solid waste management
November 2015

Bring the change you want to see

Scripting women and girls into India’s urban sanitation actions
November 2015

Technological advances to improve food security

Addressing challenges to adoption
October 2015

Linking learning to employment

An answer to the global search for education quality and relevance?
September 2015

Patient-reported outcomes in performance measurement

September 2015

Training and development at both ends of the workforce continuum

Opportunities and recommended actions
August 2015

Shale oil and gas

The promise and the peril, revised and updated second edition
August 2015

A taxonomy of integration interventions between health care and public health

July 2015

A relevant data revolution for development

June 2015

Safe handling of engineered nanomaterials

Turning knowledge into practice
May 2015

Exhaled electronic cigarette emissions

What’s your secondhand exposure?
March 2015

The use of an agile policy analysis methodology in health information exchange

March 2015

Gender-responsive sanitation solutions in urban India

February 2015

Using performance-based funding to incentivize change

January 2015


A system for providing capitation payments to research centers involved in a multicenter clinical research network
January 2015

Fostering blueprints for local government development

The local governance development framework
December 2014

National assessment approach to sampling error estimation

December 2014

Managing complex multi-case study evaluations

Communities putting prevention to work
December 2014

Ebola as an organizational policy challenge

A brief primer
December 2014

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