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Racial and ethnic disparities among individuals with Alzheimer’s disease in the United States

A literature review
December 2014

Measuring workforce preparation and employment outcomes

October 2014

Business environment analysis

Testing a context-specific approach in Ethiopia
September 2014

SNAP-Ed can improve nutrition of low-income Americans across life span

June 2014

Assessing gene-environment interactions in genome-wide association studies

Statistical approaches
May 2014

Chronic kidney disease of unknown etiology in Sri Lanka

Quest for understanding and global implications
May 2014

Insurance coverage and preventive care among adults

April 2014

Verifying data migration correctness

The checksum principle
March 2014

Agricultural service responsiveness in Nepal

January 2014

Education finance in Egypt

Problems and a possible solution
January 2014

Risk evaluation and mitigation strategy assessments

Social science methodologies to assess goals related to knowledge
January 2014

The enabling environment

Global guidelines and national policies for indoor air quality [2013 update]
December 2013

PhenX—Establishing a consensus process to select common measures for collaborative research

October 2013

Attribute-level encryption of data in public Android databases

September 2013

India, urban sanitation, and the toilet challenge

September 2013

Coupling models by routing communication through a database

September 2013

Preventing and treating PTSD and related conditions in adults

A research agenda
September 2013

Social networks and popular understanding of science and health

Sharing disparities
September 2013

Changes in the landscape of health care database research from 2000 to 2011

August 2013

Provincial governance in Iraq

Councils, contestation, and capacity building
August 2013

Externalities of transportation fuels

Assessing trade-offs between petroleum and alternatives
July 2013

Assessing environmental externalities of transportation fuels

July 2013

The nation's health care bill

Who bears the burden? A chartbook
July 2013

Prediction and prevention of prescription drug abuse

Role of preclinical assessment of substance abuse liability
July 2013

Evaluating the effect of within-household subsampling on the precision of crime victimization rates

July 2013

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