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Constructing a measure of anesthesia intensity using cross-sectional claims data

October 2019

Making clinical trials more patient-centered using digital interactive e-consent tools

October 2019

The response to and cost of meningococcal disease outbreaks in university campus settings

A case study in Oregon, United States
October 2019

Pilot study on the experiences of hurricane shelter evacuees

September 2019

Building and maintaining trust in science

Paths forward for innovations by nonprofits and funding organizations
September 2019

The view from above

Satellites inform decision-making for food security
August 2019

Youth rural-urban migration in Bungoma, Kenya

Implications for the agricultural workforce
August 2019

Provider resistance to evidence-based practice in schools

Why it happens and how to plan for it in evaluations
May 2019

Interactive visualization to facilitate monitoring longitudinal survey data and paradata

May 2019

Resetting targets

Examining large effect sizes and disappointing benchmark progress
April 2019

Are you ready for this?

Preparing for school change by assessing readiness
March 2019

What works in early reading materials

February 2019

Alternative and independent

The universe of technology-related “bootcamps”
February 2019

2019 National Institute of Justice Forensic Science Research and Development Symposium

February 2019

Planning for an innovation district

Questions for practitioners to consider
February 2019

Curbing the spread of misinformation

Insights, innovations, and interpretations from the Misinformation Solutions Forum
December 2018

Sub-Saharan Africa is lighting up

Uneven progress on electrification
November 2018

Implications of alternative land conversion cost specifications on projected afforestation potential in the United States

November 2018

Cultivating dynamic educators

Case studies in teacher behavior change in Africa and Asia
September 2018

Governance and sector outcomes

Making the connections
September 2018

Addressing nonresponse for categorical data items using full information maximum likelihood with Latent GOLD 5.0

September 2018

Handling the qualitative side of mixed methods research

A multisite, team-based high school education evaluation study
September 2018

Collaborative efforts to investigate emissions from residential and municipal trash burning in India

September 2018

Conducting patient interviews within a clinical trial setting

August 2018

Early mathematics counts

Promising instructional strategies from low- and middle-income countries
July 2018

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