Research Reports

RTI Press research reports present our research findings and technical expertise or lessons in the social, life and engineering sciences. These reports can represent a single project or be syntheses across related or similar projects. They are available as free PDF downloads.

Results (26)

Date Title
2016 Financial Considerations of Hospital-Based Palliative Care
2016 The Role of STEM High Schools in Reducing Gaps in Science and Mathematics Coursetaking: Evidence from North Carolina
2016 Care Continuity in a Patient-Centered Medical Home Setting
2014 Racial and Ethnic Disparities Among Individuals with Alzheimer’s Disease in the United States: A Literature Review
2014 SNAP-Ed Can Improve Nutrition of Low-Income Americans Across Life Span
2014 Assessing Gene-Environment Interactions in Genome-Wide Association Studies: Statistical Approaches
2014 Insurance Coverage and Preventive Care Among Adults
2014 Agricultural Service Responsiveness in Nepal
2013 Changes in the Landscape of Health Care Database Research from 2000 to 2011
2012 Americans’ Perceived and Actual Understanding of Energy
2012 Work-Related Injuries Among Certified Nursing Assistants Working in US Nursing Homes
2011 Choosing the Best Mattress: An Experiment in Testing Whether Individuals Choose a Bed That Leads to Improved Sleep
2011 Choosing a Mattress: Using Actigraphy and Diary Reports to Identify a Mattress That Provides Best Sleep
2010 The Effect of Interviewer Image in a Virtual-World Survey
2010 Characteristics and Geographic Dispersion of Syndromic Surveillance Systems in the United States in 2008
2010 Building a Data Infrastructure for Conducting Research in Ukraine
2010 Assessing the Effect of a Combined Malaria Prevention Education and Free Insecticide-Treated Bed Nets Program on Self-Reported Malaria Among Children in a Conflict-Affected Setting in Northern Uganda
2010 An Electronic Patient Referral Application: A Case Study from Zambia
2010 Fire Fighter Fatality Investigation and Prevention Program: Findings from a National Evaluation
2009 A Brief Introduction to the Use of Stated-Choice Methods to Measure Preferences for Treatment Benefits and Risks
2009 The Relationship Between Insurance Coverage and Cancer Care: A Literature Synthesis
2009 Where Do HMOs and PPOs Locate? Debunking an Urban Myth
2009 Informed Decision Making About Prostate-Specific Antigen (PSA) Testing: Findings and Implications from Formative Testing of a Multimodal Intervention
2008 The Relationship Between Individual Life Events and Preterm Delivery
2008 Costs of Illness Among Older Adults: An Analysis of Six Major Health Conditions with Significant Environmental Risk Factors
2008 Student Employment During the Transition to College in the United States