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The RTI Publications Database is a fully searchable repository of RTI-authored publications. Its goal is to communicate knowledge gained through our research and technical services by ensuring our findings are documented and available in the public domain. The database contains more than 18870 publications and includes journal articles, books, chapters, conference proceedings, reports, technical papers, patents, presentations, and posters.

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Recent Publications

The effects of state psychiatric hospital waitlist policies on length of stay and time to readmission
La, E.H., Zhu, R., Lich, K.H., Ellis, A.R., Swartz, M.S., Kosorok, M.R., et al. (May 2015)
Smoking characteristics among lesbian, gay, and bisexual adults
Fallin, A., Goodin, A., Lee, Y.O., & Bennett, K. (May 2015)
Tranexamic Acid to Reduce Postpartum Hemorrhage: A MANDATE Systematic Review and Analyses of Impact on Maternal Mortality
McClure, E.M., Jones, B., Rouse, D.J., Griffin, J.B., Kamath-Rayne, B.D., Downs, A., et al. (May 2015)
Mass Screening and Treatment on the Basis of Results of a Plasmodium falciparum-Specific Rapid Diagnostic Test Did Not Reduce Malaria Incidence in Zanzibar
Cook, J., Xu, W., Msellem, M., Vonk, M., Bergstrom, B., Gosling, R., Al-Mafazy, A., McElroy, P., Molteni, F., Abass, A.K., Garimo, I., Ramsan, M., et al. (May 2015)
Mycoplasma genitalium Is Associated With Increased Genital HIV Type 1 RNA in Zimbabwean Women
Napierala Mavedzenge, S., Muller, E.E., Lewis, D.A., Chipato, T., Morrison, C.S., & Weiss, H.A. (May 2015)
The epidemiology of observed temperament: Factor structure and demographic group differences
Willoughby, M.T., Stifter, C.A., & Gottfredson, N.C. (May 2015)
Estimating the effects of a calorie-based sugar-sweetened beverage tax on weight and obesity in New York City adults using dynamic loss models
Ruff, R.R., & Zhen, C. (May 2015)
Structure-activity relationships of substituted 1H-indole-2-carboxamides as CB1 receptor allosteric modulators
Nguyen, T., German, N., Decker, A.M., Li, J.X., Wiley, J.L., Thomas, B.F., Kenakin, T.P., & Zhang, Y. (May 2015)
Detecting initiation or risk for initiation of substance use before high school during pediatric well-child check-ups
Ridenour, T.A., Willis, D., Bogen, D.L., Novak, S., Scherer, J., Reynolds, M.D., et al. (May 2015)
Promethazine use among chronic pain patients
Lynch, K.L., Shapiro, B.J., Coffa, D., Novak, S.P., & Kral, A.H. (May 2015)