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What’s New in SUDAAN 11?


Bieler, G. S., Pitts, A., & Witt, M. (2012, July). What's New in SUDAAN 11?. Presented at JSM 2012, San Diego, CA.


SUDAAN 11 is due to be released in 2012. SUDAAN® is a statistical software package for the analysis of complex survey and other cluster correlated data. This paper will highlight several new procedures, statistics, and features in SUDAAN 11. The new procedures include WTADJX, which computes survey weight adjustments (otherwise known as calibration weighting) and extends the capabilities currently available in WTADJUST; VARGEN, which allows users to compute statistics between variables; and IMPUTE, which is an extension of SUDAAN 10’s HOTDECK procedure and includes three additional imputation methods beyond weighted sequential hot deck. In addition, new statistics include the Breslow-Day test for homogeneity of odds ratios, the kappa measure of agreement for cross-classified tables, confidence intervals for marginals in regression procedures, and the representativity indicator (R-indicator) for measuring potential nonresponse bias. Finally, some important new options in SUDAAN 11 will be noted, including by-group processing and the ability to create and use new variables in a SUDAAN procedure.