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Web-Based Computer Audio Recorded Interview (Web CARI)


Suresh, R. (2005, May). Web-Based Computer Audio Recorded Interview (Web CARI). Presented at International Field Directors and Technologies Conference, Miami Beach, FL.


A Web-based CATI case management and interviewing system is the ideal technique for a truly de-centralized CATI system. This presentation is on the Web-based Monitoring system or Web-based Computer Audio Recorded Interview (Web CARI). One of the critical features of a traditional CATI that will be lost in a decentralized scenario is the ability to silently monitor the interviewers. RTI had pioneered the technique of Computer Audio Recorded Interviewing (CARI) for field (CAPI) studies. Now, RTI has developed a system to be used in conjunction with Web CMS and Web Interview to use Web CARI for monitoring the interviewers to deter falsification of data. The features of the Web CARI include: 1) ASP.NET based system; 2) automatically recording pre-selected sections of the interview; 3) Web-based system for reviewing the CARI wave files. RTI has developed such a system and will be in production by spring 2005. The system will be housed at central servers at RTI. The interviews will be conducted by interviewers based at call centers/offices/homes located in the participating states across the country (including Alaska). The Web CARI works in conjunction with RTI's Web Interview for administering the substantive part of the interview and RTI's Web CMS for CATI case management.